Sunday, July 26, 2009

If you have not already...

pick up Taylor Swift's album, Fearless. Seriously, even if you don't like country music, get this. I personally HATE HATE HATEEE country music, but I have listened to this CD probably 7-8 times already and I just got the whole thing today. Every single song is good. I have found no faults! It's extremely amazingg. Really, get this. Even if you don't wanna buy it, just check it out. You definitely won't be disappointed and it won't be as big of a letdown as fruit stripe gum. [:

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Oopss! I forgot to add that...

The Yankees have won 8 straight games. Keep it going, boyss! <3

I touched Travis McCoy's arm and got sung to by Martin Johnson!

[Abby, Me, Dana]

Wow. Yesterday was the most amazing day of my life. So the amazingness started at 10:30. As soon as they let is into Six Flags, Dana, Abby, and I dashed to the candy cabin to get VIP wristbands, hoping they wouldn't run out on us. And..

We got them! So then we went on Batman screaming about the concert the whole time. And we talked to this cool worker dude named Omar. Yeah, Omar! After that, we went on Bizarro with our peace signs in the air. We did some other stuff, then got in line for the concert at 1:30. We were very bored, since the doors opened at 4:00.

When 4:00 finally came, we dashed to the VIP area, bracelets in the air, and got to stand as close to the stage as possible. Abby and Dana were up against the fence! I got stuck behind them. =P The preshow was pretty sweet, then came...

Never Shout Never. Let me tell you, that Christofer Drew fellow is extremely happy all the time! He thought the sky was pretty. (: After that was...

The Veronicas. (When they were switching over from Never Shout Never to The Veronicas one of the stage guys threw out a guitar pick and.. I got it [:) I was honestly surprised by them. That live performance made me love their music, because I really could not stand it before. I'm actually downloading some right now. Oh, and that blonde chick can scream!

She's my idol. And the drummer for The Veronicas, too. It was a chick and she was flipping those drumsticks and everything! Haha. Next was the super amazing...

Gym Class Heroes! Travis McCoy came down near us and I TOUCHED HIS ARM! I was FREAKING out. He is, like, extremely hot. I still can't believe I touched his arm. Whenever I hear a Gym Class Heroes song I'm going to be like, OMG! I TOUCHED THAT GUYS ARM! Haha. The bass player for them was reallyyyyy hot, too. Me and Dana liked his Converse boot-type shoes. He was reallyy hot. But, last but not least, was the most amazing band of all...........

BOYS LiKE GiRLS!!!!!!!!!! During my favorite BLG song ever, Broken Man, Martin Johnson came onto the speaker right in front of us, and was SINGING TO US! I'm not even kidding. He kept looking at the three of us. I think it was because of our amazing custom-made Boys Like Girls shirts. Omgosh. It was the highlight of my life. Then, when he went back to the stage, he pointed at Dana! And she started crying! It was soooooo amazing.

Martin Johnson is amazing. I love you!!! (: Then, after the concert, we got Boys Like Girls bracelet/wristband type things. It like a thicker version of the Livestrong bracelets that says BOYS LIKE GIRLS!!!! <3 Its black with white writing. I tried to get a picture but I couldn't get all the words in it. Haha.

So that was my wonderful night, and I may have left some parts out, but I neeededd to let you know that getting the VIP wristband is so worth it. Because that night was worth so much more than $10.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

thanks to my best friend, taylor....

i found some new bandss. they are awesomee.

blessthefall - not too sure what to say about them. just that theyre amazing. kinda Silverstein-esque!?

I See Stars - theyre reallyyy good. very Pierce the Veil-esque.

Vanna - hrrmmm. dont really know who to compare these guys to. but theyre goodd.

ha. and then after he told me about these bands, hes like, "Creya, will you be my boyfriend!?". So we both start laughing hystericallyyy. Haaaaa. Loseerrr. (: Ha, hes awesomee.

mtvu sunblock concertt (:

Going to the MTVu concert tomorrow at Six Flags New Englandd. Maybe posting pics? Dunnoo.


im yours - jason mraz

Thought this was pretty (:

teeheehee (: